We landed a track in the soundtrack the hit Amazon Prime series, "Reacher."

So recently we enjoyed a movie called Lie Of The Land to which we contributed the music for the closing credits.  You should definitely go and see it , its a psych thriller type of deal.  We loved it and you will too but thats not all we have some really exciting news.  


Have you ever heard of “Reacher” the amazon show of the books by the same name?  Well they used Long Runs The Fox for the closing credits in Episode 2 of the new season which drops on the 15th of December. 

We really, really love this stuff.  As a lot of you might know already, as we talk about it all the time, a lot of our music is written with movie and TV syncs in mind.  I (Andy) was raised in an era and a place where it was safer to just let the kid watch the TV and being a musician in my soul I absorbed the music from classic movies and cinema so its only natural that I would process that in my output. 

Seeing these things happen genuienly thrills us.  Also, the show is really good.  I watched the first series when we found out we were in for this and I loved it, so here’s to more of this.  Happy weekend everyone.

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