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I Dont Like Whiskey - Collaboration  

A couple of months back we asked people to collaborate on an old Bonnevilles song, I Don't Like Whiskey. As it was Chris that was the driving force behind this mini project it's got a bit of a heavy metal edge to it but we still think you will like it. Give it a go here

This Saturday 16th - Folk Art Drum Through with Multi-cam 

Due to Facebook not allowing us to play our own songs on live stream we have had to take this session over to YouTube. This is our first time doing this 
but the good thing about using YouTube is that it allows us to stream at a much high quality than Facebook. We would love if you could embrace this move with us and come help us ensure this isn't a complete waste of time by going over to our YouTube channel and hitting the subscribe button.

Chris is going to do a full play through of our album Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus to help raise some funds towards the production of a new 7inch single release we are currently working on.  

Same as last time anyone who tips any amount of money on the night will receive a free download of the entire Folk Art album. We know not everyone uses downloads but the code you receive can be shared with anyone you wish. 

Help us spread the word, tag your friends, drummers and share far and wide.  

See you on Saturday at 8pm

The Bonnevilles - Collaboration  

Guitar players lets try this....

1. Play along to the video Chris made for "I Don't Like Whiskey" the start of the song is there for guidance. click here
2. Send us the video of you playing along preferably with a separate audio file.
3. We will then mix it all together and try and make something cool together.

Attached is the full album version of the song it's only 2min 30secs.
send us a dropbox link or some sort of link to video/audio we can download to


Live streamed gig.  

On Saturday Andy live streamed a gig from his home studio on Saturday and here it is for you to listen to. 

He played lots of Bonnevilles favourites, a few covers and some of his upcoming solo stuff. 

Andy Bonneville Live From St Quarantine

episode 4 of Andys Podcast 


Welcome to the Andy That’s In the Bonnevilles 4.  

If you’re watching this sorry about the lens looking like it has a vaseline smear on it, I‘ll make sure I give it a clean next time. If you’re listening, jog on,... also I have a big pluke on the end of my nose, fair warning. 

I’m going to chat a little and give you my thoughts on Brexit as its just happened a few days ago, how I feel about the paucity of leadership within Unionism and why that matters to us all on this island, north and south. 

Music recommends this podcast come from Federation X, Kate Tempest, Cypress Hill and Liam O’Flynn 

 I hope you enjoy and please share and tell your muckers.  

Audio version available at Spotify and all the usual platforms 

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You Tube 

Sound Cloud

Facebook Sucks Big Fat Hairy Balls 

Its so very difficult to engage on Facebook which is contrary to its claim to be a social network. Even if we pay, the eyeballs we get are getting to be fewer and fewer as time goes on. 

Look at this. We put up an FB event page for a gig and the engagement its literally pointless. 8000 people choose to follow our posts. 

Link to an outside source - post is buried. 

Swear (we're a dirty rock band, we swear, quelle surprise) - post is buried 

Get political - post is buried 

I declare facebook to be a dead zone. One of those moonscapes you see after a dredge trawler has scraped all the life offa the seabed. Its the only game in town and thats the problem. Its created a monoculture and now its skimming everyone for all their worth. 

I want to let rip with a barrage of F bombs and fruity colourfulls about the human android hybrid called Zuck but his matrixy scanballs will knock it into the basement with all the others. 

We're playing in Portrush tonight, Dundalk next week and The Errigle in Belfast for NYE. at this rate I'll be pasting posters onto lamp posts again. Going backwards into the future.