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Video from our Belfast album launch. 

Guys we really don't know how or where to start with last nights gig in Mandela Hall Belfast for our album launch. 

The Mandela is the best room in Belfast and a grand old girl and to everyones dismay they're knocking it down, we don't know why. 

The fact we got to headline her before she goes is such an honour. When you release an album its an emotional thing, when you write music its emotional, when you record it emotional so getting to do this is beyond our dreams. 

Then.... then... all you sexy gorgeous bastards come out and give us your all, to say we have been humbled is a massive understatement. 

We've been touring a lot, and we have a lot more to do, but its no secret that Belfast is our favourite place in the world to play and last night was all the evidence anyone needs to understand why. 

Check out Dale Buchanans great video of last night and you'll know why. 

Thanks to The Mandela staff, sound, lights for being the best in town. Thanks to Shelley McMullan and Janie McGibbon for all the positivity, love, support and flowers. Conor Keys, Colin Geddis and Amy Montgomery absolutely fucking nailed it.  Alive naturalsound and Punk Rock Blues

We called this the Funnest Album Launch In History and it was exactly that. 

Video courtesy Dale Buchanan

New video from our new album. 

Hi all, check out our new video for "By My Side" taken from our new album "Dirty Photographs" released on Alive Records. 

The video is compiled of footage taken from our album sessions, touring and some gigs in Euorpe, it got wild. 

We're going to be hitting the road in the UK & Ireland on the 23rd May to promote that sucker. Come see us and share our video for us, thanks muckers.


Album Release Day 

So here it is, our 4th baby is born and she is called Dirty Photographs. Out now on Alive Records


UK Mail Order(vinyl/cd) Including 100 Limited Pink vinyl from Seismic Records
USA Mail Order (cd/vinyl) Including Splatter vinyl from Bomp Store
Rough Trade



Ask your local store and they should have it or can order it.

Check out our tour dates also here.


Some words about Dirty Photographs

Is this our sexiest album so far? We think so for sure. 

When we started this band one of our guiding notions was to get people dancing.  Here in Northern Ireland it seemed to us at gigs there was a distinct lack of boogieing.  I remember going to see the Von Bondies, before the Bonnevilles was a thing, in Belfast and they tore the place up but the entire room was pinned to the walls tapping feet but 

not shaking booty.  Jason, told the room off, and he was right to do so then played even harder in reaction, that impressed the shit out of me.  Northern Ireland was still traumatised from its recent history, people were still trying to figure out how to be normal, I remember it very clearly and we didn’t know how to dance to a great band. 

Sometimes being a band thats rooted in the blues it’s too easy to get weighed down by its sheer mass and heavy content. 

Over the years we’ve written about death and love, zombies and strippers.  Not Zombie strippers though, not yet anyway.  This record we’ve gone straight for passion,sex and love along with a little political righteous indignation.  For us love and politics are not mutually exclusive. 

We give you Dirty Photographs, the album, you can provide your own filth.  

New Years Message from The Bonnevilles 


Hi everyone, We just wanted to share an end of year message with you. Our 2017 was easily our best year so far. We can’t begin to name all of the people that have affected us in a positive way beyond saying the obvious, we know you and you know we know you, we love you and want to do more next year. 

If The Bonnevilles are about anything we’re about truth and emotion even if that is a hard thing to hear and a hard thing to do. It’s how we live and conduct ourselves, its in our lyrics and our music. We hope to deal with the spiritual without getting religious-ey, there’s nothing wrong with criteek so long as its purposeful and not cruel for cruelties sake, but know that we love what we do and mean no harm. We want to exchange ideas and want to hug it out afterwards and we want to be free and we want to get loaded…. Hang on that’s been done already hasn’t it…...fuck it’s been a long year. 

Anyhoo, we want to thank Blues For The Red Sun Records for reissuing our second album on vinyl , faithfully and as it was intended and we need to say thank you to the wonderful Punk Rock Blues for having faith in us, we really dig it. Finally the almighty Alive Naturalsound Records for releasing our new album early 2018, we got some different things going and are excited to see how it goes down. 

We will see you at festivals, gigs, tours, in toilets and bars all over this glorious green and blue planet in 2018 and we hope on the memories of all our ancestors and loves that we meet and dance and drink and hold one another in a spirit of brother and sisterhood for the next year and beyond. 

Happy New Year everybody. 
Andy & Chris 
The Bonnevilles 

Andys and Chris’s Albums of the year in no order 

At The Drive in- In ter a li a 
And so I watch you from afar - The Endless Shimmering 
Left Lane Cruiser - Claw machine wizard 
Ty Segal - Ty segal 
Mastodon - Emperor of sand 
Kreator - Gods Of Violence 


Magic Sam - West Side Soul 
Part chimp - IV 
Godspeed you black empire - Lucifarian towers 
Moon dog - Moondog 
Sunshine reverberation 
Devil and the almighty blues 
Malojian - Let Your Weirdness Carry You Home

Mistake Adding People To Mailing List 

Hi Everyone,

We made a mistake this morning adding people to our mailing list that didn't ask to be put on it. You won't need to do anything as we have now removed these people from our list.

Sorry for the mistake guys.

The Bonnevilles


Blues For The Red Sun Records vinyl only re-issue 

Delighted to be able to announce we’re reissuing our second album Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus on vinyl only on the awesome label Blues For The Red Sun. 

This is a limited edition release.  Europeans and the rest of the world can buy from Stickman Records, Scandinavians can buy from Blues For The Red Sun, UK and Ireland can buy from us direct.  Official release date is 8th Of December. 

Folk Art was our second album and was originally intended to be released on vinyl but that didn’t materialise until now and we’re glad that its going out on a super cool label like Blues For The Red Sun.  We hooked up with these guys when we played Bukta Fest in Norway this summer, they dug us, we dug them and the rest is history. 

The first preorder link is live now. 

More Than Music 

"Imagine a two-headed fuzz delta garage punk fusion that comes on like an incestuous relationship between The Black Keys and The Jon Spencer Blues channeled via Rory Gallagher, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon." 9/10 

The Irish Times   

"...grief lurks over their second album like a leaden spectre. McGibbon’s whiskey-soaked voice is a powerful tool, driving home the likes of on of Reverbio with a steely fortitude and scaling it back for the tender shimmer of Separate Ways. Occasionally recalling the shady stalk of contemporary artists such as Dan Sartain..." 4/5 

Mojo Magazine   

"... stunning of the wall twisted punk blues - makes the Black Keys seem like a bunch of pussys..." 4/5 

Vive Le Rock   

A neat collection of primal electrified noise featuring lyrics that hark way back to the god-fearing era of Robert Johnson, Son House et al.... 

...Hip, hot, loud and likely a storm if you catch them live " 8/10 

Alternative Ulster  it’s dense, it’s thrashy, and oh-so-dark. We always had an inkling The Bonnevilles weren’t the tea sippin’ kind, but Folk Art & The Death of Electric Jesus presents us with a solid slab of woe sure to convince any non-believers.  8/10 

Incognito Magazine   

Top 5 Songs of the year. 

“10,000″ by The Bonnevilles (Folk Art and the Death of Electric Jesus). If ZZ Top collaborated with a raw garage-rock duo, this song would be the result. 

Dan Hegarty RTE 2fm Album of the week. 

Wes Freed 

"...Hey lovers of hard-edged bluesy RAWK everwhere! Check this out !- Irelands fearless road warriors the BONNEVILLES have a new release ! Hopefully we will be seeing them stateside sometime soon , meantime they will be tearing up the clubs, pubs & dark crossroads of the British Isles, laying down brutal licks & raw,gut-bucket vox , making you sweat like you were in the Mississippi delta on a hot August night. Hell yea! Thank you , that is all . feeqout..." 

Charlie Bravo   

My album of 2012. BluesPunkGarage Bliss The Bonnevilles 2nd album Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus 

Red Wine On A Sunday 

Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus sounds like the The Rolling Stones' Exile On Mainstreet on steroids 

Rick Saunders   

Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus is still knocking me out. '08s Good Suits and Fightin' Boots was a great heads-up but this is exceptional. You want. Eurupe & Rest Of The World UK & Ireland Scandinavia