Irish tour dates and birthdays.

Hey everyone,
We hope you're well this Friday the 9th of Feb, for those that don't know this is Audrey Extraordinary's, our road managers, borned-day and tomorrow is Andys so to celebrate we're going on the road.  Audrey flew into Belfast last night in a storm, she still hasn't spoken about the landing, to join us for a few days of gigs and criac. 

Tonight we hit Toales in Dundalk with a couple of fantastic support bands, our pals A.N.J.A. are opening for us then they'll be followed by Vankil Echoes.  Doors at 8pm and you can just pay in on the door.  We're working hard on new material for our new album and we MAY drop a couple of new ones tonight.

Then tomorrow night Andy plays Teach Ceoil at his house along with Barry Kerr, Laura Kerr and Donogh Hennessy.  Its sold out but the gig will be live streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Bandcamp. 

All the links are on our website and on our Bands In Town.

So we've a busy weekend of gigs ahead, this is gunna be a blast

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