How to buy.

Hey guys, getting a LOT of questions about the new album, availability, how to buy and all that. So here goes. 

***The album is available to buy in your local record store. 

***Its available online through all the usual outlets (but, if you can, get down to the local store) 

***Released date is March 18th 

***The label is Alive Naturalsound Records 

***UK distibutor is Cargo 

***Album cat no. is 0180-2 

***Its a worldwide release so you will be able to buy it in your country. 

***We can't provide you with splatter vinyl. 

***We won't be selling online for a least a couple of months after release. We will be selling ONLY on our upcoming UK tour. 

***The vinyl doesn't contain a download code. 

So to summarise. Unfortuantly the only way to get this album is via 1000s of record shops worldwide, at one of our 100 gigs this year, Amazon, eBay, itunes, Googleplay, Alive Records, Bomp Mail order, and (eventually) our own mail order. 

Stay cool everybody, we know you will.

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