Album update

A little album update for you if you'll indulge me. 

The album recording thing is an odd beast. Its obviously the most important thing in the world for us, we're obsessed by it as we should be, good art is only born out of obsession, but we have to consider reality. We need to eat, sleep, take care of our families but all the while in the back of your head is a hamster on a wheel writing (a great circus act right there). 

Any "artists" (i'm not keen on that word since X-factor started using it) will know what I'm talking about. That thing that happens when you're engaged. I'm literally not all here, i may look like i'm listening to you but i'm hiving off as much RAM as I can get away with to finish that song. This glassy eyed shell missing your jokes is actually writing a harmony in his brain. 

I only mention this not in tribute to our kin as they know us, they know we're not listening, are not offended and leave us alone. In fact they go farther, they make sure no one else bugs us and lets us get on with it then they find us a space to be alone and play. 

Albums become obsession. You search for meaning, links, connections. Every lyric has to have meaning, every note and melody has to be the right thing to do. Because we're obsessed? Yes, for sure, but also because we don't get to do this a second time. This is it. 

Once upon a few years ago, a publisher asked us to re-mix and re-master our first album, Good Suits & Fightin' Boots, because it was too raw to do anything with. We recorded that record on a Tascam 688 cassette tape machine in the basement of a Masonic lodge in Banbridge, it brought us together as a band and as friends, it was a real experience and set us on the path to become the band we are. We set the tapes on fire to ensure it was never changed. The obsession that recorded that album raised its wounded head at the suggestion and rejected the change. Its a document, that's why its important to get it as right as you can. Was the album so perfect? definately not. 

If you've heard it its raw , rough and primal but that was exactly what we wanted. Some of my friends actually hate it as a record, and thats cool, but y'know what, I know fuck all about office admin and you know nothing about what I do. No disrespect intended I just mean to point out once we drop this thing we will literally be telling you all GFY, if you don't like it we don't care and thats the point and its an important one, not meant as a slight to you. 

In fact thats the whole fucking point. Do you know what I mean, we have to brazen this out, we have to say fuck all y'all if you don't like it you're wrong. Otherwise the thing would never see the light of day as insecurity and crippling self doubt would never have seen two assholes that don't know nothing say "we're going to form a band that will release albums on Alive Records and be considered and keep the company we now enjoy". Does that make sense? 

So here we are, 9 years after our first dig. We think we've recorded our best album. Its the most eclectic for sure, its the most upbeat but has a decent amount of misery in there, to keep the lonely happy, y'know. Its developing our sound without loosing the root of who we are, we haven't gone disco even if we could've, fuck we like to dance. 

We have a few more hours to do in the studio then that'll be it away for mixing and mastering, a document, a polaroid. A Dirty Photograph if you will. 

Thanks all, we love this life you've given us. 

Andy & Chris 
The Bonnevilles

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