Video from our Belfast album launch.

Guys we really don't know how or where to start with last nights gig in Mandela Hall Belfast for our album launch. 

The Mandela is the best room in Belfast and a grand old girl and to everyones dismay they're knocking it down, we don't know why. 

The fact we got to headline her before she goes is such an honour. When you release an album its an emotional thing, when you write music its emotional, when you record it emotional so getting to do this is beyond our dreams. 

Then.... then... all you sexy gorgeous bastards come out and give us your all, to say we have been humbled is a massive understatement. 

We've been touring a lot, and we have a lot more to do, but its no secret that Belfast is our favourite place in the world to play and last night was all the evidence anyone needs to understand why. 

Check out Dale Buchanans great video of last night and you'll know why. 

Thanks to The Mandela staff, sound, lights for being the best in town. Thanks to Shelley McMullan and Janie McGibbon for all the positivity, love, support and flowers. Conor Keys, Colin Geddis and Amy Montgomery absolutely fucking nailed it.  Alive naturalsound and Punk Rock Blues

We called this the Funnest Album Launch In History and it was exactly that. 

Video courtesy Dale Buchanan

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