Dirty Photographs

The Bonnevilles

Is this our sexiest album so far? We think so for sure.

When we started this band one of our guiding notions was to get people dancing. Here in Northern Ireland it seemed to us at gigs there was a distinct lack of boogieing. I remember going to see the Von Bondies, before the Bonnevilles was a thing, in Belfast and they tore the place up but the entire room was pinned to the walls tapping feet but

not shaking booty. Jason, told the room off, and he was right to do so then played even harder in reaction, that impressed the shit out of me. Northern Ireland was still traumatised from its recent history, people were still trying to figure out how to be normal, I remember it very clearly and we didn’t know how to dance to a great band.

Sometimes being a band thats rooted in the blues it’s too easy to get weighed down by its sheer mass and heavy content.

Over the years we’ve written about death and love, zombies and strippers. Not Zombie strippers though, not yet anyway. This record we’ve gone straight for passion,sex and love along with a little political righteous indignation. For us love and politics are not mutually exclusive.

We give you Dirty Photographs, the album, you can provide your own filth.

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