This Saturday 16th - Folk Art Drum Through with Multi-cam

Due to Facebook not allowing us to play our own songs on live stream we have had to take this session over to YouTube. This is our first time doing this 
but the good thing about using YouTube is that it allows us to stream at a much high quality than Facebook. We would love if you could embrace this move with us and come help us ensure this isn't a complete waste of time by going over to our YouTube channel and hitting the subscribe button.

Chris is going to do a full play through of our album Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus to help raise some funds towards the production of a new 7inch single release we are currently working on.  

Same as last time anyone who tips any amount of money on the night will receive a free download of the entire Folk Art album. We know not everyone uses downloads but the code you receive can be shared with anyone you wish. 

Help us spread the word, tag your friends, drummers and share far and wide.  

See you on Saturday at 8pm

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