Poor Boy - New single release

Hi Everyone, 

The Bonnevilles have a new single released this morning over on Bandcamp. Perfect timing for Bandcamp Friday. 

Click here for link 

Here is a little blurb about it: 

We’ve been playing this song out from the very beginning of The Bonnevilles.  When you start a band you usually have to pad your set out with a few covers which end up being jettisoned in favor of originals as you write them but we love playing this old blues classic so much that 4 studio albums and countless gigs later we still play this at every show. 

Over this period of lockdowns we decided to finally record it, we hope we’ve done it justice. 

A few years back we had the opportunity to play Deep Blues in Clarksdale Mississippi, a dream come true.  We landed in Memphis and drove straight to Holly Springs, the home of RL Burnside and arrived at Junior Kimbrough's Juke Joint around midnight where all the supporters of the festival got to hang and hear a lot of the artists that were playing the festival.  As we walked in we heard someone shout “the Bonnevilles are here”, chills.  The great Rubin Glazer was on stage finishing out a set, someone came over to us and asked did we fancy playing some songs?  There was no way we weren’t going to play in this legendary venue, we couldn’t believe we were actually here.  We went on and hit a few of our own tracks then we decided to play Poor Boy, one of RLs standards, here in his hometown of Holly Springs.  It felt a bit risky.  We could bomb ….hard... if we screw this up.  After all these people have heard the masters doing it in person and now here are two Irish dudes about to cover it.  We didn’t bomb. Oh, and the sleeve photo was taken outside the venue after our set by the great Peter Lee.  The look on our faces was a mixture of jetlag and bliss. 

We hope you dig our version of this classic, we tried to give it a little bit of Lurgan style via Chess Records circa 1960. 

Sleeve Photo Credit: Peter Lee 
Taken at Juniors Juke Joint Holly Springs Mississippi.

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