Facebook Sucks Big Fat Hairy Balls

Its so very difficult to engage on Facebook which is contrary to its claim to be a social network. Even if we pay, the eyeballs we get are getting to be fewer and fewer as time goes on. 

Look at this. We put up an FB event page for a gig and the engagement its literally pointless. 8000 people choose to follow our posts. 

Link to an outside source - post is buried. 

Swear (we're a dirty rock band, we swear, quelle surprise) - post is buried 

Get political - post is buried 

I declare facebook to be a dead zone. One of those moonscapes you see after a dredge trawler has scraped all the life offa the seabed. Its the only game in town and thats the problem. Its created a monoculture and now its skimming everyone for all their worth. 

I want to let rip with a barrage of F bombs and fruity colourfulls about the human android hybrid called Zuck but his matrixy scanballs will knock it into the basement with all the others. 

We're playing in Portrush tonight, Dundalk next week and The Errigle in Belfast for NYE. at this rate I'll be pasting posters onto lamp posts again. Going backwards into the future.

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