France Tour

Hey all, We’re bound for France on Wednesday morning for a 5 day tour.  we’ve never played France before and are quite excited about it. Please check the dates and venues and if you’re in the area come see and we’ll play a song for you.  

Recently i’ve read articles about how 150’000 Detroit citizens are under threat of loosing access to fresh water. Last night I watched a documentary about the Detroit homeless and tonight I read this article about how Detroits legendary Ghetto Recorders are having to find a new home after being priced out of the market, a more fucking obvious example of income inequality you’ll not find and speaking for recording artiste (ha ha) room sound is golden and if found must be jealously guarded. 

We spoke with Jim Diamond about recording our last album at one point, he agreed to do it and even offered to fly to Ireland. The Detroit sound has and is a big influence on this band and things like this give me the God damned shits.