Recording Finished 

Well thats us done.  Last night Andy went back to Millbank and a quick 3 hour session saw the finishing touches put on the new album.  Mike Mormeca will finish mixing it over the next few weeks and that’ll be it ready for human ears.  

We’re still on the lookout for a label to put it out for us and are talking with a few good folks in that regard.  

We got a few festival shows to play over the summer starting in The Netherlands next week and finishing with the Deep Blues Festival in Clarkesdale Mississippi , cannot wait for that one.  Then we’ll be booking tours for the new album so we’ll see you guys on the road.  

Take care friends. 

Andy and Chris 
The Bonnevilles

New Album Recording 

We’re delighted to announce that we will be moving into Millbank Studios in Lisburn for a few days starting on the 8th of May to record our new album with Mike Morchema engineering.

The new recording, our 3rd studio album, will feature some of the tracks we road tested on our last UK tour in Feb this year and indeed that we’ve been playing out over the past while and will already been known to some of our fans.

It is amazing to us that it has been almost 3 years since we released “Folk Art & the Death Of Electric Jesus” on TSB Records in November 2012, that’s far too long but it’s how things go when you’re an independent band sometimes but if this new album is as good for us as that one was we’ll be delighted.

We’re hoping to have the album finished quickly and we’re aiming for a late summer release ahead of our trip to Clarkesdale Mississippi to play the Deep Blues Fest 2015 and another UK tour towards the end of the year.  

No label is attached to the album yet and we’re still looking for a good one to talk to about this release. 

Thanks for reading and if you need to get in touch contact us here